Bunch of doodles drawn during last stream.

- Ferrous_Oxide’s Carina. I will finish this later; it’s part of an art trade.
- GastricTank’s Miss Chance. With extra black magic futa dong.
- Aliessa Phaire’s giantess spotting a tiny city.
- And “cutie with hat”, people asked. So I drew Melina.

Shameful rebloggan. Also reminder of what I have to finish this weekend.

Anonymous asked:

Why is it always PB (or Canyon) with a tiny Finn with her breasts? Surely there are other eligible ladies in Ooh that would like to be with Finn like that.

Because they are the girls I most like of AT? XD Dunno man. Just request other AT ladies and I might draw them.

And I still haven’t draw a tiny Finn between Canyon boobies.