Here we have the missing pieces to the puzzle game Xanafar and I played.

Top; Charged by light, Mana takes it upon herself to find the ancient staff of Photonopia. To keep herself amused, giant breasts were most certainly the answer. Then she ran into a Planet Hugger.

Bottom left: Supercharged by PH, Mana expands out of control. Fermi thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to have a balancing act. The definition of feeling discomfort and fear; refer to the planet’s face in this image.

Bottom right: The beach is a calm and relaxing place to be. If you’re fortunate enough to have it to yourself, that is. After a long week of keeping her eyes shut, Emiko decides to claim the coast as her own for the day.

Oh. Here they are. Thanks for putting them together.

Again, thanks for the 2000 followers milestone. It’s more than I have ever imagined ºwº That’s why I’m going to do this little giveaway. Up to three different people can win one of my doodles if you follow these rules:

  1. Like/Reblog this post. Yeah, that means if you do both things, double chance to get a doodle.
  2. Quality of the pics is doodle like. It’s basically a bit more clean sketch with fancy effects or shadows.
  3. ONLY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. I enjoy fan art but I want to keep this as only OC art.
  4. I need a drawn reference of the OC. I don’t want to design an OC from zero, no matter how much detailed your OC is in your .txt
  5. Requested doodle may be SFW or NSFW. I don’t have any problem with most of the fetishes. Still I can say “hell no” to draw certain stuff. Keep in mind the stuff I use to post here and everything will be ok.

I think that’s all. Oh. and you only have until 29th september 0:00 GMT+1 to participate. After that I will create a list and choose randomly the winners.

Good luck!